For Individuals and Teams

Anyone can benefit from RAYS’ services: You, your loved ones, your employees, your team, your patients, athletes, students, and any other possible category of people.

A broad variety of needs are covered, such as (but not only):
• Health
• Wellness
• Weight loss and weight gain
• Mental and physical performance
• Anti-aging
• Strength Sports, including pre-workout and post-workout strategies
• Brain
• Body
• Immunity
• The food-hormones connection
• Diseases: inflammatory, autoimmune, cardiovascular, neurological, gastrointestinal, infectious, endocrine, etc.
• Allergies
• Diabetes, dyslipidemias, and metabolic disorders
• Leaky Gut

The above needs are addressed by providing a variety of services, such as:
• Online and in-person consultations
• Diet plans
• Advanced nutritional and supplementation protocols
• Individual and group educational sessions
• Scientific investigation and experimental protocols for difficult cases
• Brainstorming, scientific collaborations, and team efforts

• 60 minutes online initial consultation
• 60 minutes in-person initial consultation
• 30 minutes online follow-up appointments
• 30 minutes in-person follow-up appointments
• 1 week Diet Plan (which includes tools for balanced unlimited diet planning)
• Advanced Nutritional and Supplementation Protocol
• Scientific Investigation for difficult cases (such as symptoms or illnesses of unknown origin, root-cause analysis, and/or conditions for which there are no treatments available), it can last a few days or even weeks of research
• Have a quick "ask the expert" technical question?
○ E-mail consultation, short response
○ E-mail consultation, detailed response
• Additional case analysis performed by an external advisor (usually a physician)
• Other services and projects: to be defined on a case-by-case basis

Preparation: it is preferable that the customers keep a food diary for at least 3 days, possibly a full week, recording everything that is eaten or drunk (including snacks, candies, etc.), and bring it to the initial consultation.
A convenient food diary template can be downloaded here. However, the customers are free to use different or customized templates they might prefer.
If it is not possible for the customer to record the food diary, a dietary anamnesis (interview) will be performed during the consultation.

If you have any question, are interested to know more about a project, would like to present a case of yours, or are simply curious, feel free to contact us and we’ll be happy to chat.

RAYS' Services:

• For Individuals and groups of People

For Hospitals, Health Practitioners, and related Institutions

For Researchers, Universities, and similar Institutions

For Manufacturers of dietary supplements and nutraceuticals

For Space Agencies

For Manufacturers of food and beverages (including supplements)