RAYS stands for Research At Your Service; it offers innovative solutions to numerous problems and needs, especially difficult ones. RAYS covers various fields under its umbrella and applies them to a variety of contexts. Whether it is a weight or health issue experienced by an individual or a group of people, or a complex need or problem faced by a company or a research institution, RAYS’ goal is to identify and solve problems, optimize processes, provide scientific advising, and facilitate innovation and discovery by effectively and strategically study and combine facts, data, scientific literature, and recent research advancements.
The main fields covered by RAYS’ services are Medical Sciences, Nutritional Sciences, and Food Science.
The main contexts in which RAYS applies the above fields and related disciplines are people (Individuals, families, groups, employees, etc.), academic institutions and research laboratories, companies, and space agencies.

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The Founder

RAYS’ typical process from start to end:

RAYS' Typical Process