Earth is our planet, the only one we have, and we are exploiting it.
Its resources are not unlimited, they will run out, it is only a matter of time.
We don’t have other habitable planets within reach.
We are trapped by the impenetrable fence of the impossible cosmic distances.

The only other planets that are decently close to Earth are not habitable; even if they were, it would require enormous and unprecedented resources to even carry just a dozen persons to the closest one, Mars, while humanity consists of several billions of individuals.

We are polluting the air, soil, and water. We are mistreating and sickening our best friends: plants and animals.
Earth is a time bomb and we need to do something about it.

RAYS has identified five main strategies to address the above issues; they will allow us to postpone as much as possible the inevitable consumption of our planet and they will give us hopes that, by then, we will have viable alternatives to keep us alive in this universe. In the meantime, they will be able to greatly improve the quality of our lives, our health, and the health of our planet.

1) Identify the lifestyle that more effectively favors the best possible health and performance of our bodies, especially viascientifically sound nutrition and intelligent nutraceutical optimization plans.
In some cases, a strategic use of small doses of beneficial and relatively safe medications can be also considered. The key concept is an effective prevention; on the other hand, whenever health issues already exist, RAYS’ strategy is to find and address their root-causes, rather than just treat symptoms and pain. It is possible. It can be done, by the power of science.

2) Contribute towards the identification of the best possible ways to emulate the original natural environment in the food chain.
The unnatural, artificial, invasive, inhumane, and violent intensive farming designs are obsolete concepts that were born out of greed. They are polluting and require intensive use of chemical poisons to remain productive and to prevent uncontrolled pests and weeds spreading. They also need heavy food processing and worldwide polluting transportation activities to carry large amounts of foods from a huge production area to several other locations. Meanwhile, animals are treated, stored, and fed inhumanely because of the needs of intensive farming.
RAYS’ wish is a gradual design and rise of a cell-like system that relies on sustainable and local resources. It would be naturally resilient, compartmentalized, and it will rely on a blend of ancient and modern mild technologies, such as vertical farming, urban farming, micro-home farming, and hydroponics. Even in case of unwanted incidents, such as a natural disaster or a pathogenic outbreak, the problem would be self-contained rather than spread widely across huge areas or facilities that are normally involved in intensive farming. The wish is that such resilient, mild, and environment-friendly designs will gradually replace the above mentioned sickening methods.

3) Advocate for the development and use of the best and most effective clean energy sources and means of transportation.
Ideal examples would be nuclear fusion, solar and wind generators, and electric or hydrogen-powered personal and public transportation means.

4) Advocate for the discovery of ways to facilitate the colonization of the solar system.
It would be ideal to achieve the artificial manipulation of gravity, or to at least optimize nuclear fusion to the point of greatly increasing rockets propulsion. We already have a habitable planet with an extensive and balanced food chain. Hence, it makes sense to gradually move the most polluting and toxic waste-producing activities to dead places, like moons and/or asteroids, while cleaning the environment on Earth and give it a restorative break. It would be enormously beneficial to also be able to lift heavy loads of toxic and radioactive waste beyond high orbit and finally push them towards the sun for safe and total disintegration, instead of spilling them in the oceans and rivers, which fish we eat and water we drink, and in the soil.

5) Advocate for an intelligent redistribution of human and financial resources towards science.
The above points are difficult to achieve, especially the fourth. So, since our planet is destined to die, what’s the only way to reach goals like these and to prevent, or at least postpone indefinitely, its and our death? Science. Science is the only way to preserve this planet and our health. RAYS wishes that everybody, from the single individuals to the largest corporations and the governments, will seriously reconsider their choices giving science and researchers the importance and the resources that they deserve.
Besides money, what’s the most important and necessary factor to trigger scientific discovery? Humans, their brains, their creativity, their intuition, their talents. It is a moral and social duty of every involved institution to make sure that those talents are found in people and that they are given the possibility not to just spin any wheel to pay the bills, but to work in what they will do better, for our and our planet’s sake.

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