For Research Institutions

RAYS can fruitfully collaborate with universities, colleges, laboratories, researchers, companies, government departments, and any other institution, individual, or team performing scientific research in one or more of the disciplines and subjects that fall within RAYS’ areas of expertise: nutritional sciences, medical science, and food science.

As researchers, your job regularly consists of tacking unsolved problems, searching for their root-causes, investigating solutions and new treatments for existing problems, trying to improve or optimize existing solutions and treatments, or similar objectives.
Based on the numerous and consistent feedbacks regularly received from third parties and on the successful past results with problems and tangles that were considered hopeless, RAYS is confident that, by brainstorming with you, it will be possible to inject fresh ideas, connect more dots, find ulterior patterns, discover additional causal correlations between factors, and identify possible root-causes of problems or diseases and/or additional potential treatments for incurable ones.
In other occasions, it will also be possible to optimize an existing treatment or to achieve the same results with a lower and safer dose of standard medications, for example by strategically or originally combining some nutraceutical compounds that showed promising results.
RAYS’ founder has a history of winning intuitions and findings with several cases that were considered hopeless and is confident that, by working together and combining our skills and talents synergistically, we can better our chances to boost scientific research and the quality of life of people.

Have a look at the Projects section of RAYS’ website; you will find both examples of previous cases and a list of projects that are available for further development and partnerships. In the About page you will find a flowchart of RAYS’ typical approach.
If you have any question, are interested to know more about a project, would like to present a case of yours, or are simply curious, feel free to contact us and we’ll be happy to chat.

RAYS is also disposed to explore uncharted territories and is confident that will be able to successfully transfer the research and inferring talents to new disciplines, it has already happened more than once. Therefore, if the customer is willing to provide for the necessary formal academic training and/or education, RAYS will also consider projects covering other disciplines. At this regard, as an example, please refer to the Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) optimization paragraph in the “Past Projects” section of the Projects page. In that occasion, RAYS’ founder, Nicola Di Pietro, had no previous knowledge or education in Biotechnology. He conceived this improvement after a 1-semester introductory Biotechnology college class, despite being this discipline uncharted territory for him. This is just an example of the transferability of the talents and skills that are at RAYS’ disposal to different fields, shall that be necessary for the future.

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