For Food Manufacturers

RAYS can provide QA/QC and R&D support to food and beverages manufacturing companies. If you need to revise, implement, expand, or optimize systems involving food safety and quality, such as QA, cGMP, HACCP, and SQF systems, microbial or allergen control programs and related procedures, we can help.

Although RAYS is not specialized in food product development, if you are interested in developing functional foods, adding special qualities to existing or new products (that we can conceive together) with the potential of triggering a revolution in the food market, RAYS can definitely help. We can design delicious and convenient functional foods that will be so well formulated to produce effects on mental and physical health and performance that go beyond the so-called superfoods. Given the taste and convenience, they will also act as motivating delivery systems to establish new healthy and preventive habits in large populations.

Have a look at the Projects section of RAYS’ website; you will find both examples of previous cases and a list of projects and products that are available for further development and partnerships. In the About page you will find a flowchart of RAYS’ typical approach.
If you have any question, are interested to know more about a project, would like to present a case of yours, or are simply curious, feel free to contact us and we’ll be happy to chat.

RAYS’ Services:

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• For Manufacturers of food and beverages (including supplements)