RAYS’ vision is a world where the first and foremost objective of scientific research is to serve people and the environment effectively; where the exchange of information between professionals, researchers, institutions, companies, and people favors scientific discoveries even more than it already does; where every individual’s talents, inclinations, and abilities are continuously and effectively assessed since a very young age and communicated accordingly to key-entities; where every student is strongly encouraged and motivated to pursue those talents and is put in the conditions and given the tools and resources to draw the best out of them, for as long as possible; where the currency that is necessary to pursue an excellent academic and scientific research career is exclusively a combination of passion, commitment, and outstanding results, not money; where, if anybody is capable and committed, no matter how rich or poor, a fruitful academic career will inevitably happen; where the passion for science is powerfully nurtured using a variety of educational and recreational tools since a very young age and effectively accompanied over time; where families are motivated to facilitate the enamorment of their members with science, the earlier the better; where university rooms hosting public lectures are filled with people as stadiums and clubs already are; where the interest in science is advertised and talked about like, for example, marijuana is today; where people are pushed towards bright creativity; a world in which if a scientific discovery is needed, if somewhere on the planet there are people that would be able to make it happen, they will be found and it will happen.

About RAYS
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