This page will show you some example of past projects and challenges faced by RAYS founder. In each case, you can see how the combination of talent and scientific research has been able to overcome obstacles that had been considered hopeless.
Below, you will find examples of:
Past projects that are now concluded or that are still being monitored. They can still be explored for partnerships
Projects available for partnerships that could lead to partnerships, deals, patents, product development, co-publications, academic scientific research, or other forms of scientific and/or commercial collaborations with you

Past projects

These projects are still confidential and can also become basis for scientific and academic research.

Chronic Idiopathic Hypersomnia

1) Successful identification of the root cause of a 13-years uninterrupted chronic idiopathic Hypersomnia (Excessive Daytime Sleepiness) in a patient that was diagnosed at the Center For Sleep Disorders, A. Gemelli Hospital, Rome, Italy. Cause confirmed in the hospital via blood tests. Although identified, there were no available cures or treatments for the identified etiological factor.

2) Successful identification of non-conventional methods to eliminate the root cause of the EDS in the patient mentioned above. Based on scientific research, the methods employed worked. Since several years the patient is symptom-free.

Chronic Eczema on both legs

3) Successful identification of the root cause of a chronic Eczema in a patient that was suffering for more than 10 years. The disease affected his legs severely and was diagnosed by a dermatologist. The standard treatment prescribed by the specialist consisted of topical corticosteroids, a lotion, and a non-soapy detergent. In more than 10 years, the symptom only disappeared during the treatment weeks, but then returned and remained as usual. The root cause was identified and there were no available cures or treatments for the identified etiological factor.

4) Successful identification of non-conventional methods to eliminate the root cause of the eczema in the patient mentioned above. Based on scientific research, the methods employed worked. Since several years the patient is symptom-free.

Thrombocythemia-inducing Jak2 mutation

5) Identification of a possible root cause of thrombocythemia-inducing Jak2 mutation in a patient that was experiencing a continuous increase of the platelet count. There would be standard treatments for the hypothesized root cause, however, they might cause severe side effects.

6) Probably successful identification of non-conventional methods to address the root cause of the myelofibrosis-inducing Jak2 mutation in the patient mentioned above. Based on scientific research, the methods seem to be working, as the platelet increase stopped when the methods started being employed, and lately the patient is experiencing a slow but steady drop in the platelet count. The situation is being monitored regularly.

Stubborn overweight

7) A person was affected by severe and long-term stubborn overweight that wasn't responding to diet. The patient was determined to undergo biliopancreatic diversion (removal of part of the stomach and surgical alteration of part of the gastrointestinal tract) but was successfully convinced to not to undergo surgery the day before the procedure. As an alternative, a strategic combination of ingredients to create a synergistic compound was designed; it was produced thanks to the lab of a large local compounding pharmacy. The regular use of the compound allowed the person to lose more than 15 kg (33 lbs), to avoid a dangerous, life-shortening, impairing, and highly invasive surgery, and to remain lean. Coincidentally, a stubborn chronic constipation also disappeared.

Chronic Ocular Hypertension

8) A person was affected by chronic ocular hypertension for several years. The problem did not respond well to standard treatment. Strategic supplementation and diet plans were designed, aimed especially to optimize blood flow, blood vessels elasticity, vasodilation, and inflammation. After 6 months the person was symptom-free. Her specialist was very surprised.

Overweight in an elderly man, strength, and muscle mass

9) A 70 years old man was overweight and experiencing poor physical performance. He was the father of the patient affected by ocular hypertension, mentioned above. With a properly designed diet plan, combined with a synergistic supplementation protocol, not only the patient was able to lower the body fat from 27.5% to 15%, but to also gain 7 kg of lean muscle mass in the process in less than 5 months, despite his age.

Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) optimization

10) A detailed, step-by-step way to modify the PCR technology so that it would be able to selectively amplify the DNA of a given bacteria only from viable cells, ignoring dead cells, which would allow ultra-rapid bacterial testing in samples without needing to wait for culture times. It would be revolutionary for industries, especially in terms of product safety, time, and costs.
To investigate the possibility of experimental development, the concept was presented on October 4, 2016, to the Food Microbiology Supervisor and one of his colleague researchers at the Agriculture and Food Laboratory, Laboratory Sciences Division, University of Guelph. The team judged the proposal as valid and promising, however, also determined that a team from another university was already working on similar modifications of the technology that were being proposed. Therefore, there was no interest in pursuing the project.

Projects available for partnerships

The possible projects listed below are scientifically sound, available for many sorts of collaborations, with both institutions and companies. The can be further carried out in several ways, such as:
• Scientific literature co-publications or research proposals
• M.Sc. or Ph.D. thesis
• Nutraceutical products, dietary supplements, or hybrid blends of them with drugs. Mixes and molecules. Some can meet patentability requirements.
• Functional foods and excellent delivery systems, to guarantee compliance and the establishment of new healthy habits and trends in the market
• Methods or processes in the industry or in the world of research
• Animal feed

1) An entire product line of scientifically-founded and effective dietary supplements and nutraceuticals of different kinds for a variety of needs, some of which even meeting the patentability requirements

2) Ways to address:
• Inflammations
• Cardiovascular diseases
• Diabetes/insulin resistance
• Brain diseases, BDNF deficiencies, brain recovery
• Infectious diseases, including certain chronic viral infections that have been linked with some types of cancer
• Autoimmune diseases / eczema / asthma / joint diseases
• Guillain-Barre Syndrome
• CSF leaks and, probably, other connective tissue disorders
• Intestinal permeability
• Acid reflux and gastritis
• Sleep disorders (hypersomnia)
• Restoration of gastrointestinal flora
• Neurogenesis stimulation

3) Ways to address and improve some of the red risk factors that affect the health of astronauts during space missions and prolonged isolation and confinement, such as:
• Cardiovascular decline
• Cognitive and neurological decline
• Dementia-like acute Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor (BDNF) deficiencies
• Mental fog
• Insulin resistance
• Damages from constant radiation exposure

4) An original and desirable delivery system for some of the above, to dramatically improve people's compliance and probably compounds’ effectiveness. Those delivered as functional foods would be suitable also for healthy people as a desirable, tasty, and healthy daily treat that would work as a preventive habit. They could become trends in the market.

5) An anti-inflammatory synergistic formulation that should be theoretically more effective than NSAIDs in terms of anti-inflammatory action (and cardiovascular health), but not likely to produce conventional NSAIDs side effects, such as hives and allergic reactions. It is conceived to balance the biochemical pathways of certain PUFAs, with the objective to decrease the level of Arachidonic Acid and, as a consequence, of the inflammatory prostaglandin and leukotrienes, while not interfering with the cascade of the Dihomo-Gamma Linolenic Acid, nor inhibiting COX enzymes.

6) A modification of the Aspirin molecule that might make it more effective, safer, and probably re-patentable

7) An improved antacid that would be safer and more effective than available ones; it would also add also some gastrointestinal lining healing effects (besides fighting the symptoms)

8) A drug that might be able to eradicate Ebola. It might have low toxicity in humans and relatively benign side effects that would be acceptable by patients' affected by the disease.

9) Data and observations (some very likely, others hypothetical) that might lead to finding the etiological factors for diseases like:
• Brain degenerative disorders
• Sleep disorders (Hypersomnia)
• Jak2 mutation/thrombocythemia
• Eczema
• Alopecia
• Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity

10) An alternative non-thermal method to decrease the bacterial load of milk and beverages

11) Nutritional strategies for hens to decrease the Arachidonic Acid content of the egg yolk