RAYS’ mission is to become a think tank and to trigger a powerful, contagious, and healthy virtuous circle of effective multidisciplinary collaborations and team efforts to address people’s health and wellness problems and companies’ and institutions’ research & development needs. The concept is to provide direct consulting services to individuals and companies and scientific advising to health professionals and research laboratories and institutions. The scientific literature is immense and it is impossible for anybody to know it all. Furthermore, scientific research, advancement, and discovery also require processes like reading between the lines, intuiting hidden cause and effect relationships between close and distant factors, fact, and data, and seeing patterns that lead to discoveries and solutions. To do this, besides knowledge, natural talents are required; RAYS is glad to provide its support and contribution supplying its share of those talents.
Brainstorming in a team effort, for example, can frequently help to connect the dots and to find the root causes of diseases of unknown origin, or effective solutions for illnesses or research conundrums that seem to be stalled.

About RAYS
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