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Space Agencies need to carefully plan several strategies to guarantee astronauts’ health, wellness, and performance during training and space missions. Given the fact that governments and private contractors are currently planning deep space exploration and colonization missions of growing extensiveness, duration, risk, and costs, with higher and higher stakes, it is of paramount importance to be ready to address the potential health and performance issues that might arise during stressful missions.

In every space mission, human lives, millions of dollars, and years or even decades of R&D, engineering, construction, training, and preparations are at stake, while accidents are always lurking.
RAYS can design lightweight, low volume, and safe products and strategies to address human health risks that accompany the constant risk factors characterizing space missions, such as prolonged isolation and confinement in hostile environments, radiation exposure, and lack of gravity. Examples of health risks that RAYS can address are the physical, cardiovascular, metabolic, and cognitive decline, the dementia-like deficiency of Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor (BDNF), the oxidative DNA damage, mental fog, low energy, etc.

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